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About the LeadingResiliency® Strategic Initiative Advisory Board
Collective Expertise Dedicated to Resilient Achievement, Knowledge Transfer and Renewed Public Trust
The LeadingResiliency™ Strategic Initiative Advisory Board (SIAB) is part of a Strategic Public-Private Partnership. This partnership forms the governance of a nationwide Network of Resiliency dedicated to building smart, sustainable communities of the future, from below the ground up, founded on evidence-based High Reliability Organization practices. In the effort to build a Network of Resilient Healthcare, Workforce, and Village-Based Communities, the SIAB:
Directs the Agenda
Guides the categories, assessments, goals, measures, targets, and key performance indicators.
Leads the Strategy
Directs 70% of net SaaS revenue back into programs, Partners, and Influencers, driving the success of the mission.
Distributes the Hope
Provides an open platform for programs proven to be successful to scale regionally and nationally.
Cares for the Vulnerable
Makes inroads and opportunities a reality for vulnerable populations with new access to needed programs.
Lifts Points of Achievement
Opens a microphone for solutions and success in minority communities that inspire broader participation.


The technology serving the "social change market" is broken within a technology patchwork of influence, training and education, intelligence and analytics, and project and program management silos. There is no platform explicitly designed for combining these technologies with a system built for the power of real, lasting impact and change.


Haile Clay, US Army Veteran
Navitent, Inc.
Founder & CEO, Board Member
LeadingResiliency Applied Research Program Director
Haile Clay has over 20 years of experience in fields applicable to his development of Navitent's DeeperMatrx™, including in-process workflow improvement and implementation for the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs Administration, in addition to his 17 years as a behavioral change software designer. Haile's experience in the US Army includes observing, controlling, and provide post mobilization mission training for Brigade Combat Teams and operations support for a Department of Defense Joint Forces Task Force in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.

Since 2014, Haile has worked with the U.S.Department of Veteran Affairs in support of the Veterans Health Administration in Human Resources, Mental Health Nursing administration (including Addiction Treatment Services, inpatient psychiatry, and residential, homeless, and substance abuse programs) as well as implementing and improving automated process applications and information technology coordination. Haile's extensive background working with military and government systems include Talent Management System (TMS) System Administration, Veterans Health Information System Technology Architecture (VistA), Performance Logic Inspection Environment of Care inspection rounds and reporting system, Bed Management System (BMS), Sharepoint sites, Computerized Patient Records System (CPRS), Shared Folder and File Exchange (SFFX), SOPs and Standard Works development, ePerformance and eProficiency, as well as physical asset management tools including Strategic Equipment Planning systems (SEPG) and Enterprise Equipment Request (EER).
Marita Dooms
Navitent, Inc.
Director of Grants, Research and Contracts
Marita heads all Federal Grants Research and Contracts, researching and determining which grants Navitent qualifies for and directing all parts of the process. 

She has had a career spanning more than 20 years in Marketing and Communications. A portion of this time has been working with the federal government and fostering the development of minority-owned businesses with the US Department of Commerce – Minority Business Development Agency.  
Since that time, she has taken an active role in assisting business owners and founders with identifying networking and partnership opportunities, training seminars, and securing financial opportunities in the form of Government grants and contracts.
Harry Edelman, US Army Veteran
Navitent, Inc.
Chief Product Advisor, Government Affairs
Harry's role at Navitent is to align product development for international government agencies and NGOs. Harry's background includes Program, Financial Analyst, and IT Process Improvement roles with US Government clients as part of the Building Partnership Capacity division.  

Harry is an SME in software implementation used by interdepartmental partners and stakeholders. He holds a Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Emergency and Disaster Management from Georgetown University. 

Harry served as an Army Logistics Officer at the tactical and operational levels. He focused on strategic planning with NATO allies and key strategic partners, led strategic contingency planning efforts, and conducted Emergency Deployment Readiness Training.


Navitent was developed from the ground up to serve as a single native solution for collaborative knowledge transfer. It integrates with revenue generation and cost savings to outperform in growth and scale, with the digital horsepower for a more profound, more lasting impact. DeeperEngaged™ and LeadingResiliency™ stakeholders are members of a Strategic Initiative Advisory Board.


Navitent DeeperEngaged™ and LeadingResiliency™ Strategic Initiative Advisory Board (SIAB) provide the collective governance and set the performance metrics. They analyze the results as part of their process to define the categories, objectives, targeted programs, modules, and train-the-trainer and InflectionTouchPoint Certification objectives.
Dr. Collin Smikle, MD, FCOAG, Resilient Family SIAB Chair
Laurel Fertility Care
Founder and Medical Director
Dr. Collin Smikle is the Founder and Medical Director of Laurel Fertility Care. Board certified in obstetrics and gynecology as well as reproductive endocrinology and infertility, he has extensive experience in IVF, all assisted reproductive technologies and advanced laparoscopic surgery. He is a highly respected physician, researcher, teacher and medical author.Dr. Smikle graduated Yale Medical School (1985) and completed his residency in obstetrics and gynecology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital at Harvard Medical School (1989). He received specialty training in reproductive endocrinology and infertility at the University of California San Francisco where he did extensive research in oocyte and follicular development and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).Dr. Smikle has authored over 25 medical publications, book chapters, and abstracts. He is a member of American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM), the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), the Bay Area Reproductive Endocrinologists Society, and the San Francisco Obstetrical and Gynecological Society.
Kim Golter, Social Impact SIAB Chair
Jeremiah's Promise, LeadingResiliency® Partner
Founder and CEO
Ms. Golter transitioned thirteen years in commercial behavior programs management in evidence-based Institutional Healthcare for Pfizer into her work, creating scientific methodologies for making the behavior change generating functional outcomes identical to those indicated by the proposed research. Over her first eight years in the non-profit sector, Ms. Golter used observations from time embedded with the intended population in a residential environment and intensive continuing care with the subjects. She spent a minimum of a year in residence with the individuals under observation and one weekend a month with them for the next seven years. She used those eight years to test program effects on functional outcomes in these at-risk youth, especially those with prior childhood trauma, mastering socio-emotional skills, academic success, and career path achievement. Over the next nine years, from 2013 to current, Ms. Golter has converted those programs into instruments on the Platform being studied using its social achievement media, real-time assessments, and analytics features and seen enhanced engagement, accessibility, equity, and efficacy through a virtual mentoring delivery model.
John Mitchell, Resilient Infrastructure SIAB Chair
Navibuilder Building Intelligence LLC
Founder & CEO
John is the Founder and CEO of Navibuilder Building Intelligence LLC. John entered the construction business in 1981, working his way up through apprenticeships to become a Master Carpenter. In parallel with the carpentry track, he also became a Superintendent, Project Manager, and subcontractor. Most recently, John served in senior roles for top-tier General Contractors in the San Francisco Bay Area, doing the high-end residential building. Throughout his extensive career, he has always kept his finger on the pulse of the industry. 

Navitent, Inc. is a Black and veteran-owned corporation. Founded in 2004, Navitent provides social benefit and equity development, delivery, management, and oversight tools embedded in the DeeperIntel™ Intelligence Augmentation Suite. Based on the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities, High Reliability and Accountable Care Organization Public/Private Partnership frameworks, we serve powerful features through our HumanChangeSystems™ National Network of Resiliency™. Whatever your vision for social impact is, Navitent is your GPS for Change™.

Mission: Innovate new means of impact through human factor engineering dedicated to evidence-based continuous process improvement of the human condition.

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