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Create a basecamp of operations for the Caregiver to find grounding and support.

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My Caregiver Basecamp
Ambassador: LeadingResiliency™
Catalog: Caregiver
Description: Establish a basecamp community for you to share the behaviors, processes, and workflows that lead to the best outcomes for you, your My Care member, and your family. Invite your support and Advocate. Add this module to your communities, invite your support and follow the Course.
Price: Free
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Included Navitents

Find Your Virtual Advocate
Virtual Advocates are experts trained to support your journey.
Index of Caregiving Basecamp Setup: What is Right for You?
A reference for each step of providing a basecamp for the Caregiver.
Caregiving Basecamp Setup: What is Right for You?
A step-by-step Course providing a basecamp for the Caregiver.
Caregiver Check-In: Let Your Basecamp Know How You Are Doing Today
Support in your community for your process, mental health, and success.
1. Preview The Module
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4. Customize It
Change the community's branding and add or subtract Navitents based on your needs. Associate Modules with each other and in categories that accommodate your organizational structure.
5. Invite Members
Invite members to join your Module Communities and allow them to invite others by setting the permissions to Open Invite in the Edit Community option.
6. Track Module Goals
Use your Notifications, Messages and DeeperMatrx™ to track activity, usage and postings.
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